As mentioned previously, if treatment for Lyme with appropriate antibiotics commences immediately/very soon after a person has been bitten by an infected tick, then there is a very high success rate from the treatment both in eradicating the Bb and also the pathogens from any co-infections.

However, a multiplicity of treatment approached are required in the case of chronic Lyme disease with multiple co-infections. This is because the immune system at this point is invariably dysfunctional and unable to adequately perform its job. The goal of therapy, in addition to high dose antibiotic treatment, is to accomplish the three “R”s:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore the immune system
  • Repair the nervous system, the energy systems and the musculoskeletal system (Singleton, 2008)

An example of such a treatment programme is the Lyme Comprehensive Treatment Programme provided by the BCA Clinic in Augsburg in German. The treatment programmes designed in the clinic are based on ILDAS guidelines, the reommendations of the German Borreliosis Society and the extensive experience of the physicians of the BCA clinic. (, 2015) As well as high-dose, long term antibiotic treatment, which will fight, reduce and/or eliminate Borrelia bacteria and strengthen the patients’ immune systems elements from the following suite therapies are also included in the programme:

  • Extensive use of Dietary Supplements (to reduce inflammation, restore the immune system and repair the nervous system, the energy systems and musculoskeletal system)
  • Pain Management through a combination of medication, supplements, TENS, Accupuncture, High-Tone therapy.
  • Alkaline Diet – Lyme disease patients often have an acidic milieu, which Borrelia bacteria needs to survive. By a detoxification of the body and the strengthening of organs through alkaline diet and supplements, avoiding certain foods and eating beneficial ones such as healthy fatty acids, fish and fruits, patients stand a much higher chance of full recovery.
  • Oxegen therapy
  • Rehab and exercise programme
  • Physiotherapy
  • Light therapy
  • Infared sauna to assist detoxification

The specific elements to be included are decided on a case by case basis depending on the severity and nature of systems and the number, type and severity of co-infections present.

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